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Remember the Three R's to Save the Environment (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce)
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Remember the Three R's to Save the Environment (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce)

BY: Eve | 2009-12-08

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The three R's to remember to save nature and our environment are - Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

With the onset of global warming, you would probably be wondering what you can do to help ease out this environmental problem. You must know by now more people are into ‘green', organic, home made and natural products. This is actually a good thing that more people are aware about the environmental problems that are really affecting our health and whole life as well.

We can start with how the way we do things. Start with yourself. If you are fond of using plastic to wrap your foods and other things, you might as well do away with this. Plastic is non-biodegradable, if you throw it does not form into organic waste that the ground or soil can use. Plastic clogs up drainages and adds more to non-biodegradable garbage. Use paper to wrap your things, use cloth to carry your groceries or get a cloth bag which you can use then wash after using it. Reuse your plastic containers for storing leftover foods, for storing knick and knacks, toys and other things. You can also give all your plastic containers to factories or companies which recycle them into other useful products.

Try to recycle your old clothes. If you give them to charity then you are off to a good start. Perhaps you can use some of them and cut them up into smaller pieces and use them as rags to wipe and clean things around the house. You can make them as patchwork for a dining table, cute dresses for your dolls or even make some pretty covers for your small appliances. That way you'd be able to save money instead of buying new covers for your appliances. Practice your creativity and bring out that imagination in you!

Try to reduce your gas consumption. If you drive to work, try to save up on gas by having car pools with your friend. This way you save time and travel time and you help clean up the air. Did you know that all transports out in the streets cause the air to have too much smog, smoke and pollution? There are millions of transports which emit smoke and smog that add up to more pollution into the atmosphere. The air we breathe is not exactly that clean anymore.

Maybe it's about time that we start to take care of the environment. If you let the environment alone, then it is like letting it to rot on its own.

The main thing to remember here is that the environment or nature itself is already damaged; it has been damaged by people like us who have neglected it because we have been used to modern conveniences and technology that have influenced our way of living. Instead of using the basic rag and water to clean the floor, we have electric appliances; instead of biking, we use the car; we use cell phones, computers and everything else with modern technology in it.
Science and technology have a way of influencing our life. Admittedly, they are very useful in our life, making it a lot easier and faster, but there are times that we need to slow down and take the time to stop and think about simple things like smelling the flowers, admiring the sunset, walking in clear waters near the shore and stopping to touch the soil or ground to see if it's fertile or if it's dry and maybe listen to the birds chirp once in a while. These are nature's natural beauty that we might have neglected for sometime.

So let's go back to the basics of loving our environment and nature. So remember the three R's- reuse, recycle and reduce. You would be helping in your own little way to keep the environment clean and help keep nature be as natural as it should be.

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